On Saturday, September 16 the team attended the Kettering Kickoff offseason event. The Robostangs finished qualification rounds ranked 24 out of 44 and were picked by the 5th alliance, joining 314 Megatron Oracles and 5114 Titanium Tigers. In quarterfinals, the Robostangs narrowly defeated the 1st alliance and moved on to the finals against the 3rd alliance. Although losing in the finals, pit crew and drivers gained experience for the upcoming season. Good job everyone!

Bloomfield GIRLS Robotics Competition

The Robostangs Girls had a great competition on Saturday, November 11, at Bloomfield Hills High School.  The team won the first 4 out of 6 matches and at one point was ranked #3.  They came out of the qualification matches ranked 10th and were the #1 pick by the 4th Alliance.  Playing with the Martians (#494), Metal Muscle (#1506) and Truck Town Thunder (#68), the 4th Alliance easily made it out of the quarterfinals and managed to score one of the highest scores of the day with 422 points and 4 rotors spinning!  The 4th Alliance played the 1st Alliance in the semi-final rounds, and the emphasis switched to defense on both sides. Despite being targeted in an attempt to slow their gear running, the Robostangs successfully stopped the EngiNERDS (#2337) from scoring fuel in the high goal.  Although the girls did not come out of the semi-finals with a win, they played smart and with passion all the way to the end.  Great job girls!

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