robostangs work with magna troy coalition to host activities

The Northville Robostangs prepared many exciting activities to inspire and captivate the interest of 75 young students who attended the Magna Troy Coalition Event, held on Thursday, July 12. The Robostangs created a lasting impression on these children and taught FIRST values while stressing the importance of STEM. 

Starting off by presenting the past season robot, the students were first given a basic overview on how the complex robot operates. Once they understood the technical components of the robot, they engaged with the robot by acting as the “human player” and provided the robot with the boxes it needed. They then watched the robot stack these boxes to heights even taller than themselves, and took great pride in assisting the robot. Next, the students got an opportunity to learn how the off-season robot, Swerve, works and how the distinct design allows the robot to function in a completely different way. Not only did they understand how the omni-directional wheels work, they got a chance to experience it first hand by driving the robot. Lastly, the station that got the children most excited was battling robots in the ultimate “sumobot” challenge. They controlled pre-programmed EV3 robots and watched enthusiastically as the winner of the battle emerged.  

The Robostangs were able to personally connect with all of the 75 children that attended and showed them a different side to robotics. Through all the entertainment in seeing a robot stack boxes to the ceiling, getting behind a robot and controlling its every move and cheering on their favorite sumobot to beat out the others, the students learned about STEM in an engaging way that made them more interested in the topic. 

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