Throughout the year, the Robostangs have been thrilled to collaborate with local Girl Scout troops. Using elements of this years FLL Jr. event, Aqua Adventure, and the Girl Scout’s own Daisy Robotics curriculum we’ve inspired these future leaders to participate in STEM activites. 

in March, 2018...

the Robostangs were excited to host a Girl Scouts Daisy STEM Workshop to help K-2 grade girls earn their STEM and innovation badges. 24 Daisy’s attended this event from Troops 40289, 40355 and 40326 along with their families. 

The Robostangs used previous experiences to create a “project plan” based on the Daisy Robotics curriculum and this year’s Jr. FLL Aqua challenge to meet the badge requirements.

At the end of the workshop the girls successfully earned three badges: 

Badge #1 “How Robots Move”

Badge #2 “STEM” 

Badge #3 “Water Wise”.

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“Everything was so organized and the Robostangs were fabulous in explaining things and working with the girls! We definitely appreciate what you did!”

Ried Elenich, 40355 TROOP LEADER

By the end of the session, the Girl Scouts had enthusiastically understood the basics of robotics, programmers, and algorithms. All of these concepts were grasped through interactive games and demonstrations where the girls learned from hands-on experience. They were also able to identify examples of real life Robots through an engaging presentation. 

The girls went on a “top secret mission” and learned what a robot is and how robots are programmed while saving animals in the polluted ocean. They also got to build Lego water models and made their own colorful flowers through chromatography. Their favorite project was the sweet take-home candy robot that looked like a real robot but tasted even better. 


Is your girl scout troop interested in attending a workshop and having the Robostangs help you earn multiple STEM badges? 


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