fll jr EXPO

showcasing our youths talent

FLL Jr. teams work all season to prepare lego models corresponding to the years unique theme. The Robostangs host the FLL Hr. Expo to showcase each teams dedication. It serves as a platform for interaction and idea exchange between teams.  Teams present to a panel of judges, gaining skills in effective communication. At the end, all team’s efforts are celebrated and rewarded, encouraging kids to continue their own journey through FIRST. 

in December, 2017...

the Robostangs organized the largest FLL Jr. Expo in Northville to date. In the past 5 years, this expo has grown to be one of the largest in the state, with teams coming from the Detroit metro area. The Robostangs mentored 18 teams, 5 in Northville, and 23 came to showcase their efforts. 

The event was split between a variety of fun activities and individual presentations. The activities varied from DIY arts and crafts, face paint, and time with our mascot Darwin. The presentations were conducted privately in front of judges that consisted of a panel of students and mentors from Team 548. The expo concluded with a awards ceremony. Each team got a unique award and everyone walked away feeling proud of what they had accomplished.

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