Big bang

robostangs start the OFF SEASON with a bang!

Determined to start the off-season in the right direction, the Robostangs participated in Taylor’s Big Bang Competition on June 22 and 23. Hosted by Team 280 TNT, Big Bang was an outstanding experience for the team and proved to be successful as well.

Throughout the entire competition, the Robostangs focused on training and mentoring 1st-year members, providing them with first-hand experience for the upcoming season. Our 1st-year students were trained in mechanical, electrical and coding to gain exposure to the competition experience. In addition, 1st-year members were trained to fill the positions of pit boss and safety captain. The Robostangs also took this competition as an opportunity to train members for drive team. Working on a rotation, each of the three drive teams were able to experience the thrill of driving the robot during game matches and in turn were able to practice their driving skills.

On the first day of the qualification matches, the Robostangs worked tirelessly to move the team to the top of the rankings. At their peak, they single-handedly placed 8 cubes on the scale in a match, only topped by teams at #1. They ended Friday evening ranked 20th overall, reflecting the hard work put in by the all the team members. The team was able to move even higher in the rankings, ending qualification matches in 13th. The Robostangs were the first pick of the eighth alliance, consisting of Hilltoppers, The Atoms Family, and Livonia Tyros’ second team, and advanced to the quarterfinals before their defeat due to drivetrain problems. Congratulations to Goon Squad, Cow Hunt, CC Shambots, and Warnbots for their amazing teamwork that led them to winning the competition.

Despite being eliminated in the quarterfinals, we came away with a distinguished award.  The Robostangs won the “Helping Hands” award which recognizes the team for graciously volunteering for the competition including field set-up & field tear-down. Many members saw a need to provide assistance to volunteers on the field, so they stepped forward to do so throughout the entire day Friday and Saturday, and multiple members stayed after the competition to pack up the field and load in into the FIRST trailer.

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