On Saturday, December 9, 2107, six members of the Northville Robostangs traveled to the ASEI (American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin) Youth Technology Exhibition to showcase the Robostangs’ off-season robot, Swerve.

Held at the Novi Civic Center, the exhibition served as a platform to popularize STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects and enabled professional engineers to publicly encourage the application of STEM principles in the lives of students. The Robostangs demonstrated a perfect example of applying these skills at the high school level. Team members answered questions and shared stories on the building of Swerve and what sets it apart from the other off-season robots. Professional engineers and interested students not only learned through explanations, but also got to drive Swerve and gain hands-on experience.

Jasmine Kim, a Robostang who helped teach others how to drive Swerve said, “Physically controlling the robot themselves allowed them to fully understand and see how the robot was omni-directional regardless of the position they were facing.”

Students, professionals, and guests all got a chance to explore different projects that have one thing in common: their focus on applying engineering principles to solve various problems.

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