It’s way more than building robots

FIRST Tech Challenge challenges 7th to 12th graders to design, build, program and operate robots in a head-to-head, alliance-based competition. Students spend the seasons developing STEM skills and practicing principles of engineering, under the guidance of Robostang mentors and students. Each year, FTC students impress and realize hard work, innovation, and shared ideas. FTC acts as a beacon for future engineers, turning participants into gratified and motivated students.

Each year, FTC teams and the Robostangs collaborate to encourage and stimulate the growth of STEM knowledge. The Robostangs helped mentor 2 FTC teams this season, the Rebulls (Team 10020) and the OmegaBots (Team 11367). Our shop is always open to FTC teams, and our mentors and students engage with the teams often. Mr. Miller, one of our mentors, mentors an FTC team and our software lead, Kurt Wigent, helped address issues with the OmegaBots Tele-op code. 

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