FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is more than robots. The robots are a vehicle for students to learn important life skills. Kids often come in not knowing what to expect – of the program nor of themselves. They leave, even after the first season, with a vision, with confidence, and with a sense that they can create their own future. 

Dean Kamen, Founder of FIRST

What is FIRST?

FIRST Robotics enables students, at all levels, to explore their love for Robotics and be connected to a base of others who share this passion. It serves as a foundation from which students can broaden their knowledge of STEM-related subjects while focusing on the importance of the core values of teamwork, communication, and leadership. From an elementary to a high school level, FIRST makes it possible for students to continue growing their skills on an increasingly advanced platform allowing them to pursue higher education and careers related to STEM fields. With STEM careers becoming more and more popular, with increasing job openings and new career pathways, it has now been more important than ever to spark interest and expand upon it to prepare students for the future. 



Gracious Professionalism is the process of competing intensely while continuing to treat others, other team members, teams, or people in general, with respect and kindness. It encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community. It leads to a shedding of the stereotypes of competition as chest thumping tough talk or sugar-coated platitudes. Instead it mixes knowledge, competition, and empathy.


Coopertition leads to innovation. It is displaying unprompted kindness and respect, even during fierce competition. It involves learning and teaching from and to everyone, whether that be other teammates, mentors or teams. 

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