Our Mentors have always been the backbone of this team. Though we pride ourselves on being student-run and student-led, the expertise and guidance that mentors provide is something that has propelled us forward, and is not something to be taken lightly. Their efforts aren’t concentrated within the team however. Our mentors participate in FIRST and in STEM general, with many of our mentors helping out teams from the FLL Jr. level all the way up to the FRC level. Here are just a few of the outstanding members that make up the spirit that drives the Robostangs.

Mr. Gutowski is our longest, current serving mentor on the Robostangs. In his over 17 years years of mentoring, Mr. Gutowski has worked with both our drive teams strategy and on our scouting teams data collection. He spearheaded the initial push to implement scouting into the Robostangs and has recently aided with the digitalization of data collection, which is can be viewed at our scouting station by all teams at competition. Mr. Gutowski has also been an active member of FIRST, judging at events during 2017 competition season.

Mrs. Szjaner has only been affiliated with the Robostangs for one year, but in that one year she has done a tremendous amount both for the team and for FIRST in general. She spearheaded initiatives with many of our sponsors, including our work with the GM Latino network, and also helped organize many of the Robostangs larger community events.

Mr. Bennet is one of the many alumni mentors on the team, who have returned to the Robostangs to pass on their knowledge and passion for STEM and Robotics. Mr. Bennett has aided with technical knowledge of the robot, and helped us aquire a sponsorship from AVL. On top of this, Mr. Bennett, along with his brother and father, have dedicated countless hours to volunteering and judging at FIRST events.

Mrs. Doshi has been on our team for two years, and in that period of time she has entrenched herself within the FLL Jr. and FLL outreach the Robostangs have participated in. She played a major role in setting up teams in India along with organizing projects like our FLL Jr. Expo and our FLL mentorship program.

Mr. Denau is one of our youngest mentors, an alumni who graduated one year ago, yet he has already engulfed himself in FIRST. Mr. Denau has continued to help us with software, even slightly contributing to our Java “lessons” provided to the Adams Family (FRC Team 4405). He has also works to mentor, along with the Robostangs, an FRC team in Lansing and is working to get a license as an FTA for FIRST.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

Oprah Winfrey

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